Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship

Provided By : Xerox

Award Amount : $1,000-$10,000

Application deadline : September 30

If you are a minority student majoring in a technical field, Xerox has a great opportunity for you. The Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship is worth $1,000-$10,000, and is available to undergraduate students as well as graduate students majoring in a wide range of disciplines. Fields include chemistry, information management, material science, software systems, laser optics, physics, and various types of engineering. For a full list, visit the Xerox website.

If you are interested in this scholarship, you must be a member of a minority group, and you must also be enrolled full time with a 3.0 GPA. Students may apply online. All you need to do is provide your GPA (high school or college, whichever is applicable), the email address of the financial aid contact at your university or college, and a copy of your resume. The deadline for the Xerox Technical Minority Scholarship is September 30th. This is an annual competition, so if you do not win the first year, you can apply for it again. It is fast and easy to apply, and one of the simplest scholarship application processes you are going to find, so do not miss out on this special opportunity!


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