NEDMA Foundation Scholarship

Provided By : NEDMA

Award Amount : $3,000

Application deadline : Jan 17

Are you currently an undergraduate college student pursuing a degree in marketing, advertising or communications? Could you use some extra money to help you pay for your education? If so, you will want to check out the NEDMA Foundation Scholarship. This scholarship is provided by the New England Direct Marketing Association, and is available to students who have completed their sophomore or junior years. You need to be a junior or senior to apply.

The scholarship award is $3,000 if you win, but that isn’t all. You also get to attend a Nationally Sponsored Seminar on direct marketing and get real hands-on experience as well as theoretical education. There is a paid internship as well, which allows you to get additional real-world experience (not administrative). Finally, you will attend the NEDMA Conference in May or June of the coming year to network with industry professionals and explore career opportunities. If you are interested in applying, email [email protected] for an application and additional information about the process. This is an amazing opportunity because you not only have the chance to win money, but also valuable training not available at your university. This is the perfect chance for a student who wants a head start in the marketing industry!


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