MANAA Fifth Media Scholarship

Provided By : MANAA

Award Amount : $1,000

Application deadline : Varies

Asian Americans studying film or television production, rejoice! The Media Action Network for Asian Americans (MANAA) is providing eligible students with $1,000 to help pay for their college education. MANAA was founded in 1992, and is dedicated to ensuring the fair depiction of Asian Americans in the media.

For this reason, MANAA created their scholarship program. The ideal student will have strong academic performance as well as a commitment to the Asian American community. Your entry must include official transcripts, completed financial aid applications, two letters of recommendation, and a thousand word essay. Detailed directions on what to include in the essay are available on MANAA’s website. Through your essay, you will have a chance to demonstrate your character and commitment, and talk about how you hope to help the Asian community through positive work in the film or television industry. You also have the option of providing a sample of your work in the form of a short film or a screenplay. The scholarship is worth $1,000, and the submission deadline varies. If you have any questions, be sure to contact the organization directly. Good luck pursuing your dreams as an Asian American filmmaker or television producer! Please note this scholarship is not open to mass media majors.


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