HSF Proctor & Gamble Company Scholarship

Provided By : Proctor & Gamble and The Hispanic Scholarship Fund

Award Amount : $2,500

Application deadline : January 20

If you are a Latino or Hispanic student planning on studying chemistry, engineering, math, or another STEM field, you may qualify for financial assistance through the HSF Proctor & Gamble Company Scholarship. This scholarship is provided by Proctor & Gamble in conjunction with The Hispanic Scholarship Fund (HSF). The award amount if you win is $2,500.

In order to qualify, you must be a U.S. citizen or legal resident with a permanent resident card or a current passport stamped I-551. You must also be of Hispanic or Latino heritage and demonstration financial aid by filling out the FAFSA form. Additionally, you must have a GPA of at least 3.0, and be planning on majoring in a STEM field or any of the following majors: IT, marketing, management, public relations, HR, finance, graphic art, accounting, or business administration. For a full list of STEM majors, visit the website for the scholarship or the National Science Foundation (which originated the STEM list). Furthermore you must be planning on full time enrollment at a university in the USA, Guam, Puerto Rico, or the US Virgin Islands. Be sure to apply by January 20th to meet the annual deadline.


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