Global Scholarship Alliance Scholarships For Nurses

Provided By : GSA

Award Amount : Full ride

Application deadline : Varies

Are you an international student dreaming of a nursing education in the US? The Global Scholarship Alliance offers scholarships for international nurses. If your application is accepted, you will receive a scholarship for an accredited university in the US. In order to apply, you will first need to be accepted at a university. Scholarships are available for BSN completion, RN to MSN or BSN to MSN transition. There are also certificate programs available for post-masters education.

This is a comprehensive program. Not only do you receive scholarship money to help you pay for your education, but you also receive full support from the GSA. When you arrive in the USA, GSA representatives will meet you and help you settle in. GSA scholarships cover tuition, as well as the cost of books and fees. There are a number of different program options, including a cultural exchange program, international work/study programs, and a home country scholarship program. This is an amazing opportunity to have all of your expenses paid and reap the benefits of a first class education in nursing at an accredited university in America. The application deadline varies, so drop by the GSA’s website for information on this year’s program.


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