Dr. Alma Adams Scholarship

Provided By : American Legacy Foundation

Award Amount : $10,000

Application deadline : April 30

If you are studying social work, you have probably already realized there are fewer scholarship opportunities out there for you than there are for many other fields of study. There is no need to despair though—because there are still great opportunities like the Dr. Alma Adams Scholarship. This scholarship is offered through the American Legacy Foundation to honor an important doctor who helped to reduce tobacco use among Priority Populations. Two candidates are awarded $10,000 each through this scholarship fund every year.

You may be either an undergraduate or graduate student and apply for the Dr. Alma Adams Scholarship. You must be attending school full time and be able to document your financial need. Students with a GPA of at least 3.0 will be considered for the scholarship; you can be majoring in any field which can lead to a profession involving public health. You also will need to be able to showcase community service which you have performed in a socially or economically disadvantaged setting. This could be peer counseling, volunteer outreach work, or anything else related, so long as it involves drug, tobacco or alcohol use prevention.


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