Choose Ohio First

Provided By : University of Akron

Award Amount : $5,200 per year

Application deadline : Varies

If you are an Ohio student at the University of Akron, you are in a great position to study a STEM (science, technology, engineering or mathematics) field. The Ohio First Scholarship Program at the University of Akron is designed to encourage students to major in STEM fields. If you apply and become a STEM Scholar, you will automatically receive up to $5,200 per academic year.

How do you qualify? You have to be attending the University of Akron full time or planning on attending full time. You can apply as a high school student, or as a college undergraduate, or even as a working professional going back to school. You will qualify if you would face substantial obstacles majoring in a STEM field in Ohio without assistance. For example, if you are a former member of the military, currently an industry professional, a non-traditional student, or a student interested in STEM who defaults to another major or is thinking of going out of state, you are in the target pool. To retain your scholarship each year, you must keep your GPA high and participate in tutoring programs and various other community events. This is a tremendous opportunity to reduce your costs and pursue the degree field you are truly interested in!


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