The Bret Ratner Grant

Provided By : New York Film Academy

Award Amount : $10,000

Application deadline : Varies

Film is a tough industry to get started in, and as a film student, you need all the financial help you can get. One great way to get extra money for your education is through the Bret Ratner Grant, provided by the New York Film Academy. The academy provides 50 grants, each worth $10,000 toward your tuition for one and two year MFA Filmmaking programs at the academy.

How do you win this prestigious award? You must demonstrate your financial need by providing documentation (income tax, parents’ income tax, etc.). You must also compose a Personal Statement which states why you would like to become a student at the New York Film Academy. Discuss your dreams and ambitions as a future filmmaker and share your creative passion. The more compelling your essay, the better your chances of winning will be. This is a thrilling opportunity for a film student who wants to attend the New York Film Academy. If you require more information or have questions, you can visit the academy’s website or contact the financial aid director at the school directly. The deadline for this application varies depending on the semester you want to enter into the school.


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