Beef Industry Scholarship

Provided By : CME Group & the National Cattlemen’s Foundation

Award Amount : $1,000

Application deadline : April 15

Are you an agricultural student planning to get involved with the beef industry? If so, you may qualify for the Beef Industry Scholarship offered by the CME Group & the National Cattlemen’s Foundation. The Beef Industry Scholarship is given out to ten students each year. The award of $1,000 can be used to help you pay for your college education.

In order to qualify for the Beef Industry Scholarship, you must be graduating high school and planning to enroll full time at a two or four year institution, or you must already be enrolled in the same. If you have not yet been accepted at a school, you can still apply, as long as you list the colleges you have applied to or plan on applying to on the Cover Page for your scholarship application. You do not have to choose just one; you can list more than one school. Fill out the application and write a one-page essay explaining your career goals in the beef industry. Also provide two letters of reference from teachers or professionals in the beef field. All applications must be submitted by April 15th.


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