Agriculture Loan Forgiveness Program

Provided By : Department of Agriculture

Award Amount : Up to $10,000

Application deadline : Varies

Intimidated by all the student loan debt you’ve been stacking up while studying agriculture? Embarking on your career soon, but concerned you won’t be able to make ends meet? The Agriculture Loan Forgiveness Program was signed into law back in 1992, and is offered through the Department of Agriculture. This program is not a traditional scholarship, but may be able to help you curb your educational costs.

Deadlines vary; you may be eligible for up to $2,000 per year of repayment on outstanding federally-insured student loans for a maximum of $10,000. During that time you will need to be employed full-time on a family farm or you will have to be teaching agriculture. Fields of work which are acceptable include field crops, fruits and vegetables, cattle and poultry, aquatic plants and animals, timber and other wood products, horticulture, and related products. If you are still in university and are not ready to join the labor pool, this loan forgiveness program is something to keep in mind for the future (also consider whether loans you are taking out now will be eligible later). If you know you are going to be starting work on a family farm or teaching agriculture, this is a great chance to relieve some of your student loan burden.


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