7 Reasons To Study Abroad In Singapore

Being a college student provides great opportunities to take a look into your future and make important decisions that will affect the rest of your life.

For the adventurous, studying abroad not only provides the opportunity to get that valuable education, it also gives you a chance to explore the world as you have never seen it before.

Educational Opportunities Abroad

Throughout the world, there is numerous countries that can provide a quality education. As a student, you are only limited by your imagination, financial resources and a belief that the US is the only place you can get the kind of education you want and need.

Fortunately, the latter is far from the truth. There is many countries in Europe and Asia where a great educational experience is there for the taking. One such destination is the beautiful country and city of Singapore.

About Singapore

Singapore is an island country of 63 islands that sits to the immediate south of Malaysia. In the last decade, it has become one of the fastest growing nations in the world both economically and from a cultural standpoint.

Much of the country’s recent success has been generated by a government that invites foreign investment and opens its doors to people from nations all over the map. The economy is also supported by tourism, which provides visitors with many wonderful experiences and places to visit.

One of the benefits of having a growing nation is the proliferation of an excellent educational system that has been put in place to support a rising population that demands a quality education, especially at the college level.

7 Reasons To Study Abroad In Singapore

If you have any doubts about why studying abroad in Singapore could be the right decision for you, here are seven solid reasons why going there makes a lot of sense.

1. English is a National Language – Almost all citizens in Singapore are bi-lingual. They usually speak one or more of the Asian dialects dial plus most also speak English, which is considered one of four national languages. Therefore, you need not be concerned about language barriers as you move about in your day to day life.

2. Great Weather Conditions – On a year round basis, the temperatures consistently range between 75 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. The conditions are moderate with minimal rainfall. During the hotter summers (March-June), most of the city’s infrastructure is air conditioned for comfort.

3. Great Business Curriculum – Since Singapore has become a major business hub in the Southeast Asia region, a great emphasis is placed on providing a quality business and finance curriculum at many of the country’s top universities. Top professors from around the world teach classes in economics, investment and international business.

4. Extremely Safe Environment – While traveling to some parts of Southeast Asia demand caution, Singapore is by far one of the safest in the region if not the world. Strict drug laws and low poverty rates keep crime rates low throughout this urban mecca.

5. Opportunity to Visit Other Countries – Due to Singapore’s central location in Asia, it’s quite easy and inexpensive to travel to other country’s in the region during downtime. For less that $250 USD, you can purchase a round trip ticket to countries like Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Australian.

6. Reasonable Housing rates – If you’re interested in renting an apartment in Singapore, you can find some pretty good deals through the rental classifieds website FlatsDB. By using this site, you can avoid agent commissions, which can get a little pricey in the area. Getting a room in a shared apartment (very common for students and even young professionals in Singapore) is a good idea as well.

7. Chance to Learn About Other Cultures – With other students from all over the world taking the opportunity to study in Singapore, it will give the chance to spend time with exchange students from many of the world’s most interesting cultures. You never know what kind of lifelong relationships you might find during your travels.

If you have the means and a desire for something different in your education, a year in Singapore studying at a top university with a multicultural group of students just might be the ticket. If you have any remaining doubts, you can ask around. There are many people who have been there who would be happy to share their wonderful experiences.


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