Valley Press Club Scholarships

Provided By : Valley Press Club

Award Amount : $1,000

Application deadline : April 1

For students living in western Massachusetts or northern Connecticut and planning on studying journalism or a related field, Valley Press Club Scholarships are an exciting opportunity. Every year, the Valley Press Club gives five students $1,000 each. There are five different awards:

• Valley Press Club Scholarship: This is an award for students pursuing print or broadcast journalism.
• Republican Scholarship: This is for a student studying print journalism.
• Channel 22 Scholarship: This is for a student pursuing broadcast journalism.
• Edward J. Malley, Jr. Memorial Scholarship: This is for a student who is studying photojournalism.
• Al Jaffe Scholarship: If you are studying sports journalism, this is the scholarship for you.

To apply, you will need to fill out an application and submit it by April 1st along with a copy of your FAFSA form and proof of your parents’ AGI. Submit a high school transcript along with a letter of recommendation, your resume, and several writing samples. Even though only five scholarships are given out each year, you have good chances of being selected, because the contest is confined to a small geographical area. Apply for all the scholarships you might qualify for.


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