Scott A. Gunder, MD, DCMS Presidential Scholarship

Provided By : Penn State

Award Amount : $1,500

Application deadline : April 15

Are you a medical student attending Penn State? If you are studying at the Penn State College of Medicine, you have a shot at winning a scholarship in your second year for $1,500. While this is not a huge award, medical school is very expensive, and every little bit helps.

In order to qualify, you must be a resident of Pennsylvania for at least a year before you register as a medical student. You have to be enrolled full time, and you also need to be a member of the Pennsylvania Medical Society as well as the county medical society. Both of these are free to join, so sign up before you apply for the scholarship (if you have not done this in time, an application to join submitted along with your scholarship application will be sufficient). To apply, fill out the application form and provide two letters of reference. These can be from anyone so long as they are not family members. Also provide a letter on school letterhead which verifies your full time status as well as the fact you are in your second year. Finally, type out a one-page double spaced essay which discusses the person or event that made you want to become a doctor. Apply by April 15th.


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