Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowships

Provided By : Poetry Foundation

Award Amount : $25,800

Application deadline : April 30

Do you dream of becoming a professional poet? For students who love to express themselves in rhyme and verse, Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowships are an amazing opportunity. Every year, the Poetry Foundation, publisher of Poetry, gives out five of these awards to deserving students. The scholarship fund was established in 1989 by Ruth Lilly, an Indianapolis philanthropist. Each scholarship is worth $25,800 (previously only $15,000; the amount has been substantially increased).

To qualify for a Ruth Lilly Poetry Fellowship, you must be a US citizen between the ages of 21 and 31. As such, this fellowship is more appropriate for undergraduates in their junior or senior year or graduate students than it is for most incoming freshmen. Applications must be submitted through the Poetry Foundation’s website in order to be considered. Applications which are submitted using email or paper mail will not be considered. To apply, put together a single Word document which includes a 250 word introduction to your work, ten pages of poems, a publication list if applicable, and correct formatting according to the guidelines. Applications are accepted from March 1st through April 30th. Good luck winning this incredible fellowship and pursuing your creative path in life!


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