Oregon PTA Teacher Education Scholarship

Provided By : Oregon PTA

Award Amount : $500

Application deadline : March 1

If you are an Oregon resident studying to become a teacher, you may be eligible for the Oregon PTA Teacher Education Scholarship. This is a one-time award of $500, but you can reapply in future years and win the award again. You can be at any stage of your education and still be eligible, whether you are an undergraduate or a graduate. You do need to be attending an accredited Oregon public university or community college, and education must be your major.

Applicants will be chosen based on their demonstrated financial need, their academic records, and their PTA knowledge. Priority will be given to applicants that have some connection with the PTA. Fill out the entire application and submit it by the March 1st deadline in order to be considered. While $500 is not a very high amount, it does help, and if you win the award in future years, it could add up quickly and be a great boon to your education. Consider joining the Oregon PTA to increase your chances of receiving the award. Becoming a teacher is a laudable goal; good luck on your education and your future career educating others!


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