Augustana College Fryxell Scholarship

Provided By : Augustana College

Award Amount : $1,000 per year

Application deadline : Feb 15

English students studying at Augustana College in Illinois will want to apply for the Augustana College Fryxell Scholarship. This scholarship is worth $1,000, and is renewable from year to year. So while it may not sound like a large scholarship, it can add up over time if you keep your grades high. To apply, you must be an incoming freshman. The scholarship is named in honor of Dr. Lucy Fryxell and Dr. Donald Fryxell. Both taught English at Augustana College from the 1950s through the 1980s.

These scholarships are actually available to students who are pursuing any of the humanities. You still will qualify if you have a minor which is in the natural or social sciences, so long as your major is in the humanities. The top consideration of course will be given to students who are interested in writing, and are pursuing either an English or Journalism degree. So if you have declared either of those fields as your major, you are more likely to win. The annual deadline application for the Augustana College Fryxell Scholarship is February 15th. If you require more information, get in contact directly with the English department at the college.


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