APA Early Graduate Student Researcher Award

Provided By : APA

Award Amount : $1,000

Application deadline : September 15

As a graduate student conducting research within the first two years of your doctoral study, you may struggle to find the funds that you need to complete your research. If so, you will want to apply for the APA Early Graduate Student Researcher Award. This program is directed specifically toward students who are at your level of education and are conducting research sooner than most of their fellow students.

Each student who receives this award will be given $1,000 which they can use on their projects. You can use the money for direct research expenses, software, and conference travel. You cannot use the money for other educational costs such as tuition and fees, nor can you use it for personal expenses. To be eligible, you need to be an APA graduate student affiliate or an associate member. If you are not, you can still apply for the award so long as you apply for APA membership before the deadline as well. You also need to be in the first semester of your third year, or in your first or second year. You must be enrolled in an accredited psychology program in the US or Canada. Apply by September 15th to be considered for this award.


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