ACIL Academic Scholarships

Provided By : ACIL Scholarship Alliance

Award Amount : $4,000

Application deadline : April 4

If you are planning on studying chemistry, engineering, or another scientific or technical field, the ACIL Scholarship Alliance may have financial assistance to offer you along your educational pathway. The ACIL Scholarship Alliance is a division of the Independent Laboratories Institute. This company is committed to seeing to it that future generations who are passionate about science are able to graduate into job roles in the laboratory testing world.

To this end, the ACIL Scholarship Alliance offers scholarships of up to $4,000 to qualifying students. In order to qualify, you must be a child or grandchild of an ACIL member company intending to follow in those same footsteps. You must be in your junior or senior year, and enrolled in a four year bachelor degree program. Acceptable majors include physics, chemistry, engineering, geology, environmental science, and biology. In your application, you must demonstrate strong academic performance, financial need, leadership abilities, and career goals in the laboratory field. Apply by April 4th in order to meet the annual application deadline. Only a couple of winners are chosen each year, but the candidate pool is small since it is limited to family members of ACIL member company employees.


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